Dr. Hedgewar Hospital

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vaidyakiya Pratishthan is an organisation run by Doctors, who have come together to give their services. Since 1989 the trust has treated 60,00,000 poor patients.

Dr. Hedgewar Hospital is the nucleus of this trust. It provides excellent Medical Services at affordable cost to the common man. The astounding response from rural & urban poor has strengthened our beliefs and efforts. With an air of sacrifice throughout, doctors have been able to provide specialised care to poor patients as well expanding its activities.

The building of Dr. Hedgewar Hospital – The epicentre of the social activities of the trust

Our vision is to provide services, medical & social, to the common man which is excellent, expanding, and transparent and with humanity.

To fulfil this vision, a 10-bed hospital was started in 1989 by doctors borrowing from their families. The doctors then decided to manage their life on minimal income which set an example.

With an Integrated Approach, trust is also running State of Art Blood Bank, Slum Health Project, Rural Health Project and Women & Child Development Programs. Considering Diverse Indian community, where ill health is the manifestation of many social factors as well as economic issues.

The trust has reached out to rural areas through its 5 Health centres. While intending to bring some social change in slums & villages, doctors are the catalyst in this process of transformation leading a variety of social slum improvement activities.

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