The following testimonials have been written from previous interns:

Harshik Joshi

“Not only does Youth for Sewa provide a chance for young people to have an experience of a lifetime, it also provides a very safe place for personal growth. It’s a challenge but you’re able to attend informative workshops, conquer fears and gain key skills that are necessary in your future. If you’re looking for a great way to spend your summer, then participate! It was definitely the turning point in my life.”

Saagar Mehta

YFS is a fantastic organisation allowing young people to get involved with sewa in India with an amazingly supportive team behind them! From planning my sewa trip to providing the support I needed whilst out in Bharat, YFS was there every step! Thoroughly recommend them!

Priya Koria

“Being involved with YFS has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience which I would recommend to anyone. The team has allowed us interns to be Involved with some amazing UK organisations and have helped us to grow into more understanding sewa driven members of society”

Vipasha Surange

“YFS is a wonderful opportunity to do something exciting, fulfilling and eye opening with your summer. The team is great and helps facilitate your internships, providing brilliant workshops leading up to your trip.”

Tamana Sharma

“A wonderful organisation which provides the youth with an inspiring way to build a base for their future. The workshops are incredibly inspiring and enriching!”

Ushni Rabadia

“Youth for Sewa is an amazing organisation that helps you find yourself through every step of the way. The whole process right from the application til after your internship, you come across inspiring people both in Bharat and in the UK.
From thought-provoking orientation days to connecting with my roots; it was definitely my best summer!”

Manuj Mishra

“Youth for Sewa is an invaluable chance to experience new challenges while gaining a first-hand experience of selfless service.
Through workshops, reading, and self-reflection, they nurture a sense of awareness and humility that help enrich the way you tackle problems during the internship and throughout your everyday life.
My internship with Youth for Sewa was one of the most memorable summers of my life.”

Pavan Bains

“The YFS programme has been a great opportunity to develop myself. Through volunteering for environmental organisations, participating in public speaking workshops to joining book clubs, YFS has expanded my mind.
I was fortunate to have worked with a group of motivated individuals, many of whom I’m still in touch with today.
I would definitely recommend YFS.”

Shivani Kerai

“Youth for Sewa taught me how to embed positive daily habits to practicing self-care by enhancing my spiritual knowledge and encouraging daily mediation. In the busy world we live in, it has helped me make time for myself as well as others.”

Yasoda Rajaram

“The Youth for Sewa programme gave me a wonderful opportunity to connect with and serve the samaj.

Taking on such a commitment has been an interesting way of exploring how my skill set can be developed and used in service of the community.

YFS is good for anyone wanting to get involved and have a bit of fun!”