About Sewa UK

Sewa UK is part of a global movement: Sewa International, which works in 15 countries around the globe including USA, India, UK, Guyana, Suriname & Sri Lanka. The inspiration behind the organisation is ‘the service of humanity is the worship of God’ and ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – The world is one big family. Sewa International is a non-religious, non-political organisation dedicated to serving without boundaries of religion, race, gender or age. Sewa International is dedicated to support projects that build strong communities and a peaceful prosperous society. It is dedicated to inculcate true ideals of Sewa in citizens.

What is YFS?

Youth for Sewa is an unpaid summer internship offered by Sewa International UK & National Hindu Students Forum, focusing on self-development through the service of underprivileged communities It is an opportunity for young adults to contribute their time to a larger movement of serving humanity.

Why was the YFS – UK initiative established?

It is recognised that Selfless Service is central to our sense of community. It is a powerful journey, which impacts both the individual serving and the people they work with. We aim to provide a safe platform whereby individuals can explore, discover and serve. Through this transforming journey of actualising the meaning of selfless service we aim catalyse and inspire a life of Sewa.

How are the projects chosen?

Projects are available in health care, education, environmental awareness, women’s empowerment, rural development and micro-finance. The YFS has spent time visiting and working in each project, understanding the culture, dynamics and passion of the project and the local team. Projects are selected through strict criteria and we take into account time frame, safety, transport links and opportunities to engage with various elements of Sewa work.

How do I apply?

Apply online or e-mail us with your interest and we can keep you updated with national events and our recruitment timeline. Once we receive your application you will be contacted for a phone interview by our selection team.

What happens if my application is successful?

Your journey starts here, in the UK. There are a series of 3 orientation days aimed to guide, inspire and prepare you for the journey ahead. You will be expected to engage, document, blog and reflect as part of the internship. Interns spend 6 weeks over the summer working with NGOs in the community. Through service, they will discover, learn and engage in a transformative experience that empowers them, as they strive to make an impact in their chosen field.

What does the internship cost?

The internship fee is £500 with the majority going directly to support the project you choose to work with. The remainder will cover administration costs, local travel and living expenses. You will be expected to purchase flights, travel insurance and medical cover independently.